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In enclosed or underground car parks, a fire emergency requires fast, intelligent action to contain and control the problem.

Jigsaw Group technology, application knowledge, expertise and state of the art software combine to provide a unique approach, with tailored solutions.

The perfect solution

The ideal air movement equipment will satisfy the correct combination of several factors, insofar as each applies to a specific project:

Ducted systems are the traditional approach to enclosed car park ventilation, with fresh air levels based on a given number of air changes per hour.

Constant running of a ventilation system, even in extended periods of low, or even no traffic or ventilation requirement, results in high day to day running costs.

Ventilation Systems can be designed using a CO or Nox sensor monitoring system, so that selected fans run only when necessary.

Additional savings are made due to lower pressure main extract fans being used as they do not have to cope with system resistances found in certain systems.

All our designs will be prepared to the customers requirements, to take into account the regulations that apply. If required the Extract System can be designed to a traditional volumetric air change rate or design fire loads.

On detecting a fire emergency signal, the Extraction System is automatically switched from day-to-day mode/vent into fire mode. Jet Thrust Fan units and main extract fans are run to full design speed

- reaching full speed and maximum thrust in just a matter of seconds.

In case of a fire emergency, the system’s primary task is to limit smoke propagation inside the car park and direct to the closest extract points, where the contaminated air is then removed from the building.

Smoke is extracted by the main extract fans, whilst smoke control is maintained by the extracts systems.

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Car Park Ventilation Services

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